Goodgame Empire

Goodgame Empire is a free-to play medieval fantasy strategy game where a player takes up the role of a new ruler. The main objective of the game is to build a castle, create an army and fight epic player-vs-player (PvP) battles.

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A player starts off the game as the lord of a castle whereby they have to turn a small fortress into the capital of the kingdom in this exciting online strategy game. A player has to assemble an enormous army to defend their realm while creating strategies to extend the territory of their kingdom, referred to as “The Great Empire”. To do this, one has to establish an efficient economic system to support troop production and increase the number of buildings and technology. It is also vital for players to forge alliances with other players around the world in order to crush enemies and become the dominant ruler.

As the game proceeds, players construct a barrack and a series of more structures, collect gold coins and food, as well as expand their castle to accommodate stones and other materials for construction.

The game allows players to possess a maximum of 3 OutPosts (OPs) which are basically small castles that they construct or capture from other players. The best thing about the strategy game is the fact that players are clueless about what to expect in levels they are to unlock. They are challenged by the prospect of unlocking the tear-up treasure maps and a three sector pieced circle icon on level 25, which is the Everwinter Glacier Kingdom. Further kingdoms to unlock include the Storm Island on level 35, Burning Sands on 40 and Fire Peaks Kingdom on level 50.

Goodgame Empire presents players an enjoyable gameplay that is far better than many other strategy titles out there. The game presents solid mechanics that incorporate fresh elements into strategy staples, as well as depict a stylish world with vivid animation and great graphics that are hand-drawn.

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