Shadow Kings - The Dark Ages game

Shadow Kings From Goodgame Studios. Men, dwarves and elves have managed to live in peace for many decades in the fantasy world of Shadow Kings. However, this relaxed and easygoing life has drawn the attention and jealousy of the forces of evil. With many years of preparations complete, the legions of goblins, trolls and orcs have commenced their invasion and intend to bring utter devastation to this formerly peaceful world.

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Shadow Kings is a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) game with an emphasis on strategy and building things. Players can build their own cities one by one and raise an army to battle evil forces. The first difficulty therefore is to gather enough resources to enable you to accomplish this. This is needed to crush enemy outposts and fight other epic battles looming ahead.

Alliances with other players may be needed along the way and you will need all the skill in strategic thinking to make it through the maze of diplomatic channels. You alone decide the destiny of your cities and their population as their ultimate fate is entirely up to you. The graphics and artwork in the game are outstanding. Game content is also constantly updated and new events occur at regular intervals to ensure continued joy of playing the game. Isn't this simply awesome?

Shadow Kings: Dark Ages – Prepare For Epic Battles by Managing Your Resources

Shadow Kings: Dark Ages comes from the same developer of Empire: Four Kingdoms, which is the mobile version of Empire by Goodgame Studios. As of August 12th, 2014, the game is available on Android, iOS and the PC using a compatible web browser such as Explorer, Chrome or FireFox.

Although the mobile and browser versions of the game share many similarities, they are not exactly the same and user accounts cannot be transferred from one platform to the other. To play both the mobile and PC version of the game, you will need two separate accounts with one for each platform. A future installment of Shadow Kings may involve Goodgame Studios itself, but that's only speculation on my part.

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