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and Facebook page. game is the worlds most popular game. Game played with huge number of other players in time. You need to eat colored dots as much as you can. You have to eat smaller dots. Largeer dots will kill you. High playability and global popularity of the game provides great entertainment for you.

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Playing in languages: Deutsch

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senk boy - August 04, 2017

hi i am new

sister fam - December 28, 2016


bob - November 04, 2015

i cant play

bob smith - November 04, 2015

shut your mouth bobby

Bhunuuhnjnuuin - October 30, 2015


Bhunuuhnjnuuin - October 30, 2015

Gtbtubh yhTgy

Alexandra Vladimirova - October 28, 2015

what the heak! I want to play this!

Jacob Burchett - October 25, 2015


krkr - October 22, 2015

i cant play the game eather

krkr - October 22, 2015


connor - October 22, 2015

someone team pls

connor - October 22, 2015

hey gys

jt - October 21, 2015

yeah I cant either

ALEXISCOOL323 - October 21, 2015

can you guys play the game because I cant

fırat - October 20, 2015


lili - October 14, 2015

j'aime bien mais il est dur vous ne trouvez pas ?

theo - October 06, 2015

mie nu imi merge

name - October 05, 2015


name - October 05, 2015

careva romana?

ceaira - September 30, 2015

i just got real mad i was so close and now ba.

kc - September 29, 2015

iae peru ajua denovo

ALEXISCOOL323 - September 28, 2015

mark make a vid of u and jack playing

cory - September 27, 2015


cory - September 27, 2015

I do

markifart - September 25, 2015


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